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Squished: FDReviews Case Study

What happens when the FDReviews team get to review a fruit snack?

We asked Paul McCulloch, Managing Director of Squished, to share their experience!


Squished is a range of products that rescues surplus berries and transforms them into the most delicious and satisfying snacks.

They have now rescued thousands of kilos of berries that otherwise would have been wasted by developing a novel process that rescues, preserves and transforms them. The range includes energy balls, flapjacks and jams.

Reason for review - To ensure the branding, messaging and proposition were aligned with the market needs.

Paul says, 'We were looking to print a new film, along with a new product offering, and wanted to ensure that we had conveyed all the right messaging and that the product was ready to hit the shelves."

"We also wanted to ensure that all messaging, and ingredients are aligned to hit the target customer. Like many brands when you are focused on the brand it can be harder to see the full clarity of the proposition."

What benefits did the review give you?

The review has been a wonderful opportunity to sense check from industry experts that the brand was going in the right direction.

The experts had really read the brief and understood what we were trying to achieve from the review.

The review has brought up some key questions that we needed to discuss and we shared the review with the shareholders to enable us to have a clear discussion around these points.

The discussion around the sweetness of the product was very useful and gave us greater insight into the position of the industry. We also found feedback about product positioning and routes to market.

What financial impact has the review had on the business?

We have looked at the manufacturing process to increase our shelf life to 12 months, as this will make us a more robust product in the marketplace.

The review enabled us to reinforce our messaging about how many pieces of fruit have been rescued. This is now front and centre on the pack. We have sharpened up our message around rescue fruit.

The review offered great value for money and gave us great insights into family buying habits, confirmed some of our views and made us think about others.

What have implemented since the review?

We have defined our premium offering in the flapjack market with rescue fruit, this was defined by the specific feedback we received from the review.

Are you playing more on the rescued fruit?

Yes, we are shouting about this more as the feedback from the workshop indicated that this was a key message that consumers wanted to know.

Have you addressed the hierarchy of the key messages?

Yes. We have and we have made this much cl