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Dan Barron: FDVision 2022

Flexible working means flexible eating – how will this impact our shopping habits?

We asked one of our FDReviews Experts, Dan Barron, for his thoughts...

It’s clear that flexible working is here to stay, and we are all having to adapt to this new way of living. It’s already changing the nation’s shopping habits – the past two years have seen a meteoric rise in 10-minute grocery and meal delivery services. There are a lot of new players in this space, and the winners will be the online and convenience retailers who offer customers lifestyle ranges that are nutritious and high in quality.

Flexible working means operating at peak performance throughout the day, something that can be hard to maintain if you’re working full time at the kitchen table, or travelling from one meeting to another with no time for a proper break. We asked nutritionist and medical herbalist Nadia Brydon how to keep energy levels up. “Avoid unhealthy snacks containing excessive sugar and salt,” she advises. “Always top up meals with fresh greens, and keep magnesium supplements like Lifeplan’s Triple Source Magnesium handy to help concentration and restful sleep.”

Our industry has been working hard to satisfy the growing demand for healthy, plant-based, and free-from solutions, and customers increasingly expect them to be available wherever, however and whenever they shop – whether that’s a convenience store near their homes when they pop out for a mid-morning break, or a regular stop on their twice-weekly trip to the office. We can expect to see growth in breakfast and healthier ‘meal on the go’ solutions, as well as plant-based snacks, and fresh fruit selections.

Flexible working does mean flexible eating – but this time, it’s with a healthy twist.


Dan’s career in FMCG sales & marketing introduced him to the world of health food in 2003, launching brands in the UK on behalf of overseas brand owners long before plant based foods became mainstream. Persuading the British public to add more green food to their diet led to Dan taking an instrumental role in leading the green smoothie revolution in 2007.


  • Lemon Leaf Distribution Limited – Founder & CEO

  • Provide & Conquer Limited – Founder & Managing Director

  • Dan Barron Consulting Limited

Specialist Subjects:

  • Plant-Based

  • Organic

  • Independent Stores

  • Seafood

  • Functional Food

  • Food Supplements

  • Japanese Food


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