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Shagufta Ahmed

DR Shagufta Ahmed

FDReviewS Expert

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Shagufta is our Pesto Specialist, having won the Nationwide Pesto making competition in 2013, at the Italian Embassy, London. Judges included the Italian Ambassador, the late Antonio Carluccio OBE (RIP) and the Italian tourism board.

She then went forward to representing the UK at the Global Pesto Championships in Genoa, Italy in 2014. 

Subsequently she became the Founder and Principal Content Creator for the UK Brand, PestoChampion. 

Since 2014, Shagufta has been invited to review food and drinks for countless clients including Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, in the UK and abroad.


PhD in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Research
Free-lance Presenter on social media since 2012
Winner Of Pesto Making Competition at The Italian Embassy, London in 2013
Represented the UK at the Global Pesto Championships in Genoa, in 2014
Founder and Principal Content Creator for the UK Brand, PestoChampion 

specialist subjects:

  • Pescatarian

  • Vegetarian

  • Halal Food

  • Chocolate & Desserts

  • Brand Awareness

  • Social Media

  • Photography & Videography


Director Of a Start-Up - Building an App for Blogging in Hospitality


Principal Presenter for Implausible Blog since 2012

Principal Content Creator for PestoChampion since 2014

Red Carpet Gift of The Year Awards – Judge

Academy Of Chocolate – Judge

Quality Food Awards – Judge

Great Taste Award – Judge

Bellivita Awards – Judge

Dan Barron

Dan Barron


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Dan’s career in FMCG sales & marketing introduced him to the world of health food in 2003, launching brands in the UK on behalf of overseas brand owners long before plant based foods became mainstream.  Persuading the British public to add more green food to their diet led to Dan taking an instrumental role in leading the green smoothie revolution in 2007 through an extensive PR campaign.
In 2016, Dan started his own sales brokerage for healthy and indulgent food brands, Provide & Conquer Limited and through his team has tested and brought to market more than 30 brands and concepts.
Learning from that experience, Dan has founded Lemon Leaf Distribution Limited, which is positioned to launch the Kurt’s Kitchen brand, a proprietatary brand that offers indulgent meal solutions that satisfy the demands of today’s consumer, i.e. organic, vegan and ethically sourced.
Having begun his working life as a seafood chef, Dan has remained interested in all aspects of cooking and exploring food culture around the world.


Lemon Leaf Distribution Limited – Founder & CEO
Provide & Conquer Limited – Founder & Managing Director
Dan Barron Consulting Limited 

specialist subjects:

  • Plant-Based

  • Organic

  • Independent Stores

  • Seafood

  • Functional Food

  • Food Supplements

  • Japanese Food


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Chris Beech
Chris Beech_edited.jpg

Chris Beech


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Chris is a drinks pioneer. Early career development with Heineken gave him all the tools necessary to go on and create his own drinks brand. As founder of award winning Luhv drinks, he has created (and more importantly sold) delicious drinks with healthy purpose. As he says, using evidence-based scientific research, he wants to help make understanding our health a simpler task.
The Luhv drinks team worked with King's College London and a team of Biomedical and Dietetic scientists to scientifically understand how natural plant-based ingredients work and how they work with each other. That research was used to create a range of drinks that focus on different areas of the body and also to explain the natural ingredients and their functions on the back of the bottle.


The Pressery Group – Founder
Nothing Wasted Club – Founder 
Luhv Drinks – Founder & CEO
Heineken – Brand Ambassador & Trainer
Barnomadics – Brand Development Manager

specialist subjects:

  • Soft Drinks

  • Drinks Manufacturing

  • Healthy Beverages

  • Alcoholic Drinks

  • Retail

  • Vending

  • E-Commerce


Quality Food Awards - Judge 

Simon Bell
Simon Bell.JPG

Simon Bell


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Simon has over 30 years in th