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Frozen and Cook-at-Home Products Now on the Menu!

FDReview services are now available for Frozen and Cook-at-Home products!

Are you planning your next review?

After extensive trials we are now able to provide our popular review services to include any product suitable for home consumers.

Simply put, if it needs microwaving, grilling or oven baking - our experts are on hand to follow your instructions and provide valuable preparation feedback also.

No longer are we limited to ambient or chilled items to review - we are now also happy to review your frozen NPD!

Our Experts have spent decades in Food & Drink product development roles and have both led and supported some of the most successful brands in the food industry. As well as being experienced consumers themselves, many come from a food preparation background and are perfectly suited to provide you with additional feedback as part of your development program.


While you are here, please take time to have a look around and see where the team might help you over the coming months.

Food product development can be a costly business. Many companies rely on a few key individuals for their ideas which are largely 'road tested' by other members of the team.

It's difficult for this development cycle to remain both subjective and exhaustive enough to give the product the best chance of success.

FDReviews is an innovative service. By tapping into our Food & Drink experts, you can get honest and impartial views on your products in early development as well as directions on how to make them right for the consumer market.


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