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Our Experts have established their reputations over many years in the F&B industry.  The team fully understands how important confidentiality is when is comes to product development. That's why we need to be clear about how we manage and handle your products and their reviews securely.


Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

In order to be involved in reviews on our system, our experts have to sign up to a comprehensive NDA agreement. You can see a copy of this HERE.

Conflicts of Interest

Many of our experts are actively involved with the Food & Drink industry. All experts are bound to declare any conflict of interest that may mean they are excluded from a particular review. This may be based on the following (but not exclusive) examples:

  • currently working for or with a direct competitor of yours

  • currently involved in the development of similar products

Team Confidentiality

As per our terms of service, anyone who uses our services are also bound not to share or divulge either the resultant video of a product review or details of those involved in the review, with 3rd parties. This confidentiality adds to the confidence of the team to provide open and honest feedback and advice.

The Review Video

Your review video is sent directly to you via the WeTransfer encrypted service within 48 hours of your review session. Experts are not provided with a copy, and they are not shared with 3rd parties.

We may want to use a review for training or publicity purposes, but this will only be done with your written permission.

For further information on how we keep your project secure, visit out full terms page HERE.

Of course, we are more than happy to discuss any further concerns you might have. We understand that you want to protect both your business and products! Feel free to CONTACT US.

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