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Tom Russell: FDVision 2022

Sustainability is something we all need to take seriously. Food waste is a major issue, and the industry has a part to play. We asked one of our FDReviews Experts, Tom Russell, for his thoughts...

The Food Industry and Its Role in waste reduction

With COP26 now more or less ineffectively out of the way having achieved very little of any real meaning, this has to be time for our food businesses to take a lead. The amount of food wasted every day is staggering, be it at home, in store or in the catering/hospitality sector. Figures such as 30% waste across the board are figures that should scare anyone into action. Our access to food that is too cheap means that many can just shrug off the waste as part of daily life. A lot of this waste is driven by promotions to make ford even cheaper and then a lack of awareness of how to use the amount bought within the stated shelf life. More needs to be done to reduce excessive promotions, excessive stacking up, and perhaps yet again a review of what the consumer understands about the Best Before/Use by debate. Our fridges are too large and look better when filled and we don’t pay enough when we do throw food away. Just on bread alone we waste 20million slices a day in the UK alone. WE MUST GET BETTER as the human race struggles to feed so much of the World’s population and the cost of calories are skewed by how we eat those calories.


Tom is a food industry all-rounder with a 30-year career spanning aquaculture, yellow fats, top end grocery account management, flour milling and baking. Roles have been in Sales, Marketing and more recently General management and now service provision. Has overseen factory moves and company acquisitions. Specializes in working for smaller operations that need to challenge accepted norms and where an ability to work within owner operator frameworks require a more sensitive approach.


  • UCMDS Trainee – Unilever – Van Den Burghs

  • Marketing Director and General Manager The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys

  • Marketing Director Shipton Mill

  • Managing Director The Celtic Bakers Ltd

  • Managing Director Everfresh Natural Foods

  • Managing Director The Food Incubator

Specialist Subjects:

  • Start-ups

  • Bakery

  • Investors

  • Foodservice Supply

  • General Management

  • Branding and design

  • Manufacturing product development


While you are here, please take time to have a look around and see where the team might help you over the coming months.

Food product development can be a costly business. Many companies rely on a few key individuals for their ideas which are largely 'road tested' by other members of the team.

It's difficult for this development cycle to remain both subjective and exhaustive enough to give the product the best chance of success.

FDReviews is an innovative service. By tapping into our Food & Drink experts, you can get honest and impartial views on your products in early development as well as directions on how to make them right for the consumer market.


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