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Virgin StartUp and FDReviews Agree Partnership

Virgin StartUp, one of the UK's premier food & drink industry supporters has chosen FDReviews to help their customers.

After successfully trialling the FDReviews service during the summer of 2022, Virgin StartUp has entered into a partnership with the FDReviews team.

Virgin support more than 5000 businesses every year - almost a quarter of which are in the Food & Drink sector. The journey for any food start-up can be a challenging one, and Virgin recognise the need for sector experienced feedback along the way.

Virgin StartUp are the not-for-profit helping founders in the UK start and grow the businesses they’re passionate about. They provide access to funding, mentoring, training and investment-readiness to thousands of founders in their community.

Virgin StartUp customers can now qualify for discounts across a number of FDReviews services.

For more information about how Virgin StartUp can support your ambitions, visit:


Want to know how FDReviews can support your product development?

Email us at or call our founders Stephen Minall on 07734 454252 or Austen Bushrod on 07714 837314.

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