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Unbelievably Valuable: The Freestar Case Study

Find out how the team at Freestar Low-Alcohol Beer got the FDReview team to help them with their product development...

Freestar Low-Alcohol Beer launched in 2019. The Low/No-Alcohol drinks category is a rapidly growing and challenging market. Stand-out marketing will only get you so far - the product needs to back it up with great taste!

As part of our support partnership with Virgin Start-ups we got our specialist drinks team to take a look. Being able to provide a mix of former brewers, distributors and retailers created the perfect team to support them with their challenges - resulting in the launch of their new flavour a few of months later.

We asked Eddie Dallas, one of the founders of Freestar about the FDReviews Service...

Hi Eddy! Thanks for using the FDReviews service. Was it how you imagined it to be..?

What did you think of the panel tasting your alternative beer taste concepts?

We believe that the value of our experts lies beyond that of personal preferences and tastes. They always consider the end customer of your product. Did you feel that was the case for your review?

Although you have a very visual brand and offer, the team spent some time reviewing your labelling and packaging. How did you find this?

Thanks for your time Eddy! How would you sum up your first FDReviews experience?