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FDReviews @ IFE 2024

We are proud to continue our partnership with IFE and are looking forward to a fantastic few days from the 25th to the 27th of March at Excel in London.

There are 3 ways you can connect with the team before and during the event...

Act 1: The Webinar - Discover the UK Food & Drink Market

Tuesday 16th January

In case you missed it, several members of the FDReviews team took part in the Import/Export webinar series hosted by IFE. Focussing in the topic of 'Discover the UK Food & Drink Market' they discussed the wide range of opportunities (incl beyond retail) that the market has to offer?

Missed it? Don't worry you can watch the whole thing by clicking here:

Act 2: The Seminar - Honesty From Those Who Have Failed

Trends & Innovation Platform: Tuesday 26th March at 11.45am

You may be familiar with a seminar we led 18 months ago focussing on Fantastic Food Failures. Well the team are back again for this years' show with a new set of disasters. We can all learn so much from the mistakes of others, if only we all had the confidence to share them?

Under the (somewhat boring) title of 'Honesty From Those Who Have Failed' the panel will spill the beans on their failures rather then their many successes!

Stephen Minall will be our chairperson and will be joined by experienced FDReviewers Daniela Busseni, Dan Barron & Bruce Isaacs.

Learn from their mistakes, hindsight, and reflections on what they would do differently. Discover key lessons to adhere to, honest accounts of failure, and the resilience that propelled them to successful comebacks.

It's all billed as an unmissable session on navigating the entrepreneurial journey - we'd love to see you there!

Act 3: The Stand (153)

Not too far from the Trends & Innovation Platform, you can find us in the heart of the IFE Manufacturing session on stand 153!

Swing by and say hello! If you have a product in development, or just a burning question or two about the UK food & drink development industry, we have a few slots available to pre-book some time with the team.

If you would like to book a catch-up over the 3 days, just email us via and we will be happy to organise some time for you.

We look forward to seeing you at Excel at the end of March!


Want to know how FDReviews can support your product development?

Email us at or call our founders Stephen Minall on 07734 454252 or Austen Bushrod on 07714 837314.


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