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Heading to Harrogate? Catch us at the Dairy Industries Expo on October 4th!

Stephen Minall and Kelly Dowson are looking forward to sharing industry insights for 2024 at the Dairy Industries Expo on the 4th of October. The growth of the farming community as food and drink developers has been huge over the last few years!

If you are gong to be in the region - pop by for what will be a useful session for the wider food & drink community! Register here:

Let us know you are coming and the team will be happy to grab a coffee (just don't order soy or almond milk!)

Email us at:



Want to know how FDReviews can support your product development?

Email us at or call our founders Stephen Minall on 07734 454252 or Austen Bushrod on 07714 837314.


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