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FDPartner - Titan Brands

Titan Brands is the owned and operated by Gavin McLean - a formidable Scot and 'titan' of the food industry. He will genuinely be 'The power behind your F&B brand, from start up to scale up'.

Gavin has over 30 years’ experience working in the F&B sector, from senior retail commercial roles to general management, as well as experience in Omnichannel ranges from Bakery and Chilled to Frozen and Ambient Grocery.

Over to you Gavin...

Titan Brands support start-up brands in the food and drinks industry. We guide and mentor entrepreneurs to assess the correct sales channels for your products, minimising risk whilst maximising opportunity. Whatever stage of your business journey we’ll work alongside you to build and implement a strategy that appeals to buyers, engages customers, drives sales and fosters business growth.


Trust is of the highest importance in our industry, which is why we prefer to let our clients do the talking. Here's how we are helping F&B brands...

"Gavin really is one in a million and a real gem. He is a fountain of knowledge and really understands the food & drink industry, like no other. There are very few people he does not know or hasn't met. Gavin gives practical and thoughtful advice, delivered in a kind and considered way.

He is always there when you need him and has a way of making you feel special.

Gavin is responsive and supportive, and calm in crisis moments, which is essential as a start-up journey is often full of unexpected 'twists and turns'. Gavin is someone that I completely trust, a thoroughly decent bloke, who is a must for any challenger brand looking to unlock their growth." - Susan Gafson, Co-Founder & Director, Pep & Lekker

"Gavin has a sound grip on commercials and an ear so close to the ground, your inbox will be inundated with action points. For anyone new to F&B this is extremely useful, and he is a fantastic sounding board for your ideas, always offering constructive feedback and sound advice. Invaluable. Thanks Gavin!'' - Tahi Grant-Sturgis, Founder, Jamu Wild Kids

''As an daytime office worker and night time entrepreneur, I run at 100%, 100% of the time. So I needed a mentor who could help me refine the many ideas and things that I come across. I just needed directions to run in and Gavin is a key part of the navigational system for the ideas and questions that we have as a company.

He knows enough about a range of things that affect our business whether its manufacturing, suppliers, logistics, brand building he continues to be a source of valuable insight and guidance and I really lucked out to have him on board the No Guilt Bakes journey."- Taeya & Maya, Founders, The No Guilt Bakers

''Gavin has been fantastic since day one. Actually even before that: already before signing a contract he has been sharing great pieces of advice to improv