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FDPartner - The Food Incubator

The Food Incubator offers a vast and established knowledge of thermal processing (that’s sterilisation and pasteurisation for those new to the industry). Temperature processing can help safeguard your products from harmful bacteria and improve product life expectancy. With two on-site retorts and other equipment, we can cater for small scale or large scale production runs and sample development work. We’ll find the right way to achieve this whilst also ensuring the food retains its taste, flavour and visual appeal. All of this... PLUS our thermal processes represent a sustainable alternative to synthetic preservatives.

FDReviews Guidance:

TFI will offer a unique discount to any company coming through FDReviews that wants to look at or understand how thermal processing might help attain longer shelf life. They can also offer WHO training for personnel.

Preferential Offer

As an FDReviews partner we offer a standard 10% discount off of all services.

We also provide free consultations to make sure that you have the right service to fit your needs.

Service Standards

You can expect the following support:

  • Dedicated Process engineer with many years of expertise

  • Telephone advice and support way beyond project scope

  • Each and every trial accompanied by a full report on findings


  • Exclusive to FDReviews Members only (Register for free on the site)

  • Offer valid until Dec 31st, 2024

Deal Code:

Quote Deal Code FDR002 to access exclusive FDReviews discounts.

Contact Details:

Tel: 07973 348374

Don't forget to quote the FDREVIEWS deal code to get your deal applied.


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