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Christmas Products


  • 595 British pounds
  • Video Review

Review Details

The Christmas food market is one of the most innovative and imaginative in the sector. Our experts have extensive experience in both developing products for the festive season as well as judging Christmas products for the UK's food and drink awards network. The team is ready to help you produce a Christmas No.1! From our extensive team of industry experts, we select six who will thoroughly evaluate your product. Whether it's a new launch or an established item, their goal is to ensure you capitalize on every existing opportunity and sidestep any costly errors. This thorough review includes all the essential elements that contribute to the success of Food & Drink products. From taste and ingredients to packaging design and labelling, we've got you covered. We'll even explore your commercial offer and identify prime opportunities to penetrate the UK market. The review takes place via a video call, expertly guided by an experienced chairperson. Expect clear, detailed, and constructive feedback during the approximately 30-minute session, entirely focused on you and your product. The recorded and unedited video, delivered within 48 hours, allows you to quickly integrate their valuable guidance into your business plans. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO CONFIDENTIALITY, ATTENDING OR VIEWING THE REVIEW LIVE IS NOT POSSIBLE. Trust in the process and let us help you refine your offer for maximum success Potential Products Keywords: Christmas, turkey, mince pies, vegetables, desserts, pudding, buffet, pork pie, chocolates, drinks, selection, nibbles, party food, canapes, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sausage rolls

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