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Christmas Products

FULL REVIEW (Using all of our Key Criteria)

  • 595 British pounds
  • Video Review

Review Details

The Christmas food market is one of the most innovative and imaginative in the sector. Our expert teams have extensive experience in both developing products for the festive season as well as judging Christmas products for the UK's food and drink awards network. The team is ready to help you produce a Christmas No.1! Our Full Review service will cover all aspects of your product including such criteria as: • Innovation • Packaging • Design • Ingredients • Taste • Commercial Offer Your product will be reviewed by our team of experts via video call. The review all is mediated by an experienced Chairperson who will ensure that the feedback provided is clear, detailed, and relevant. The video call is recorded, and you will be sent a full unedited copy soon after processing. This allows you to quickly assess what has been said and how you can incorporate any feedback into your launched product. DUE TO THE CONFIDENTIAL NATURE OF THIS PROCESS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIT IN ON THE REVIEW OR WATCH IT LIVE. Potential Products Keywords: Christmas, turkey, mince pies, vegetables, desserts, pudding, buffet, pork pie, chocolates, drinks, selection, nibbles, party food, canapes, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sausage rolls

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