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FDReviews Launch Webinar Service

Having been asked to provide expert insights on a number of Webinars over the last year, we are pleased to announce our full FDWebinar service is now available for you, your teams and your clients.

Real expert insight can be hard to come by. Getting knowledge, guidance and direction from individuals who have been hugely successful in the UK Food & Drink industry is incredibly valuable. With our diverse and experienced team, we are able to provide webinar support on the topics you need to know about.

This year, our FDWebinars have reached audiences across the UK and around the world. With participants from North America, Europe, Asia and Scandinavia, we have covered topics including...

  • The UK Plant-Based Market

  • Food & Drink Sustainability

  • How to Sell into UK Retail & Foodservice

  • UK Retail Trends & Market Intelligence

  • Finding Your Way Through Retailer Paperwork

  • Labelling and Packaging

  • Future Food Trends

Find out more about how we can build an FDWebinar for you. Visit our webinar page HERE.


Want to know how FDReviews can support your business?

Email us at or call our founders Stephen Minall on 07734 454252 or Austen Bushrod on 07714 837314.


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