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Food & Beverage Start-ups: How To Succeed Where Others Fail

The FDReviews team had a busy time at IFE this year! On the 26th of March, the team hit the stage to discuss the challenges of starting up and Food & Drink business. Starting a new business is an enormous challenge and takes a huge amount of courage. So what can you do to give yourself the best chance of succeeding?

Stephen Minall was joined by experienced FDReviewers Daniela Busseni, Dan Barron & Bruce Isaacs for the Honesty From Those Who Have Failed seminar. All shared the experience and insight that they have gained from their failures rather then their many successes!

Donna Eastlake from caught up with the team afterwards and you can now read the full article here:

And there's more...

Don't forget you can still watch the Discover the UK Food & Drink Market Webinar from Tuesday 16th January.

In case you missed it, several members of the FDReviews team took part in the Import/Export webinar series hosted by IFE. Focussing in the topic of 'Discover the UK Food & Drink Market' they discussed the wide range of opportunities (incl beyond retail) that the market has to offer?

Missed it? Don't worry you can watch the whole thing by clicking here:

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